योजना तथा वास्तुकला विद्यालय दिल्ली

School of Planning and Architecture Delhi

An “Institution of National Importance” Under an Act of Parliament (Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India)

Wednesday 21 March 2018  IST
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Tenders list
S.N.Expiry DateTitleFile No.
115 Dec 2017 Test Test (StartDate-04 Dec 2017,EndDate-15 Dec 2017) 225
228 Dec 2017 Inviting Quotation for Printing of Stationery Items-reg (StartDate-15 Dec 2017,EndDate-28 Dec 2017) 224
330 Nov 2017 NIT- Purchase of Surveying Instruction and Electronic Balance for M-T Lab of Architecture (StartDate-23 Nov 2017,EndDate-30 Nov 2017) 222
429 Nov 2017 NIT- Procurement of PA system for SPA Hostel (StartDate-23 Nov 2017,EndDate-29 Nov 2017) 221
504 Dec 2017 Re- Inviting Quotation for Printing Annual Report 2016-17 (200 Copies for English and 150 in Hindi) (StartDate-22 Nov 2017,EndDate-04 Dec 2017) 220
615 Nov 2017 SNIT- Miscellaneous repair works at Architecture & Planning Building (StartDate-09 Nov 2017,EndDate-15 Nov 2017) 219
716 Nov 2017 NIT for Sale-Disposal of Old Newspapers-Magazine lying in SPA Planning-Architecture Libraries and Hostel at ITO and Maharani Bagh Complex of the School (StartDate-08 Nov 2017,EndDate-16 Nov 2017) 218
823 Nov 2017 Notice for Invitation Quotation of applications for design and development of web based application development with research tool- GIS Based Mapping (StartDate-08 Nov 2017,EndDate-23 Nov 2017) 217
922 Nov 2017 Notice Inviting Quotations for Appointment of Indian Agent for Supply of Journals during Year 2018 (Jan.-Dec.) (StartDate-07 Nov 2017,EndDate-22 Nov 2017) 216
1010 Nov 2017 Tender for disposal of scrap material lying in School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi (StartDate-01 Nov 2017,EndDate-10 Nov 2017) 215