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School of Planning and Architecture Delhi

An “Institution of National Importance” Under an Act of Parliament (Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India)

Monday 4 December 2023  IST
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Departments of Studies at a glance


School offers planning, architecture and design courses both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. While the Bachelor of Architecture course is one of the oldest in the country, highly successful Bachelor of Planning course was started in 1989. Besides, the School offers 10 postgraduate programmes and 2 undergraduate programmes along with the doctoral programmes run by all the departments of studies.

Undergraduate Degree Programmes 
                Bachelor of Architecture

               Bachelor of Planning

Postgraduate Degree Programmes
  1. M. Arch. (Architectural Conservation)

           M. Arch.  (Urban Design)

Master of Design(Industrial Design

Master of Planning with specialization in

         Environmental Planning
Regional Planning

         Transport Planning

         Urban Planning

Master of Building Engineering and Management

M. Arch. (Landscape Architecture)


Doctoral Programmes

Each department of studies has a Departmental Research Committee and Head of the Department of Studies is its chairperson. Academic policy is decentralized to the extent that each department of studies has the Board of Studies, which makes proposals on department related academic matters. Chairperson of the Board of Studies is Head of the Department of Studies. Dean of Studies is the member on all Boards of Studies.