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School of Planning and Architecture Delhi

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Wednesday 28 February 2024  IST
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Master of Planning with specializations in Housing


This programme offers comprehensive exposure to various facets of habitat development viz. elements of housing policy and finance, infrastructure and technology, design and project formulation, real estate and housing markets, disaster mitigation and management and legislation. The programme was started in 1958 on the recommendations of the United Nations, and has since been updated several times to keep abreast with latest developments in habitat studies. The ITPI and other institutions around the world have recognized the programme for their membership.

Housing is an area of special emphasis in India. The National Housing Policy, setting up of NHB, HUDCO, HDFC, the emphasis of the UNCHS, World Bank, and USAID, as well as entry of major public and private corporations and multinational companies are some of its manifestations.

The main objective of this programme is to impart necessary skills and understanding to the students for participation in the real world practices in this multi-disciplinary field with local and central urban authorities, housing finance companies, private and public sector organizations, as well as research institutions and consultancy firms. Graduates from this programme have continually secured employment in national and international agencies.

Programme contents are designed to cover international perspectives on housing development, national housing policies and programmes, housing finance, housing design, building materials and technology, housing project formulation, housing development and construction industry, real estate planning, design and development, non-formal housing development and slums, and housing for disaster affected areas. The course is offered through a combination of classroom lectures, field assignments, and practical studio exercises.