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School of Planning and Architecture Delhi

An “Institution of National Importance” Under an Act of Parliament (Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India)

Monday 4 December 2023  IST
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 Student Council 2016-17
Executive Committee - Student Council

Gaurav Jangid - Student Representative

Email- jangid9350@gmail.com
Mobile No- 9911239234

Arpit Jain - General President
Email- arpit2682arch@spa.ac.in
Mobile- 7836805636

Jyotiraditya Verma - General Secretary
Email- jyotiradityaverma@gmail.com
Mobile- 8010330379

Sashank Mullapudi - General Secretary
Email- sashank511@gmail.com
Mobile- 8285584044

Anshu Bhardwaj - Editor 
Email- anshu.11bhardwaj@gmail.com
Mobile- 9136509307

Executive Panel of Under Graduate Student Association

Hilor Sharma- U.G. President  
Email- hilor.sharma@gmail.com
Mobile- 7021576164

Abhirami Indu Valsaraj- U.G. Secretary
Email- abhirami.valsaraj@gmail.com
Mobile- 9958541160

Dinesh Suru- U.G. Sports Secretary
Email- surudinesh@gmail.com
Mobile- 9560940248

Executive Panel of Post- Graduate Student Association

Prakash Ramappa - P.G. President
Mobile- 9650241484

Asesh Sarkar - P.G. Secretary
Mobile- 8653550613

 Rimeka Ranee- P.G. Entertainment Secretary

Prithyush C.P. -
Email- cpprithyush@gmail.com
Mobile- 9718144926

Jwngma Basumatary - P.G. Photography Secretary
Email- basumataryjwngma@gmail.com
Mobile- 9718458583

PG Student Council, SPA Delhi

Social Secretary 
Mobile : +91 9718024084
Email : archivarun@gmail.com

Mobile : +91 8006746482
Email : architectpawansingh@gmail.com