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School of Planning and Architecture Delhi

An “Institution of National Importance” Under an Act of Parliament (Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India)

Saturday 23 September 2023  IST
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Course Curriculum
The curriculum is designed in a semester format comprising of four semesters spread over the duration of two years with studio projects being at the core of each semester and theoretical subjects plugged in, providing the underlying backbone of knowledge. The students are expected to develop specialized knowledge and skills that pertain to analysis of the physical , social , cultural, economic and ecological dimensions of urban settlements, comprehension of the problems and formulation of measures to address the issues and emerging challenges in a planned manner.
This is achieved through :

•Preparation of Master plans, development plans
•GIS Based Planning
•Mapping the city and various components
•Preparation of specific plans, Disaster Reduction Plans, Urban Infrastructure plans
•Preparation of DPRs
•Land Management
•Investment Planning and financial Mechanisms
•Impact Assessment
•Legal issues
•City Governance
•Professional Ethics

Department of Urban Planning Syllabus for Second Semester (Jan-May 2018)  : Click here(size : .22MB)    pdf

Department of Urban Planning Syllabus for Third Semester (July-December 2017)  : Click here(size : .27MB)    pdf

Institute Elective option in the Third Semester  (July-December 2017) : Click here(size : .33MB)    pdf

Department of Urban Planning Syllabus for Fourth Semester (Jan-May 2018)  : Click here(size : .19MB)    pdf

Institute Elective option for Fourth Semester (Jan-May 2018)  : Click here(size : .09MB)    pdf