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Saturday 23 September 2023  IST
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Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sanjukkta Bhaduri
Year of Establishment: 2015

Design Innovation Centres (DICs) have been established in government institutions under National Initiative for Design Innovation (NIDI) Scheme as a flagship programme by MHRD (as per Twelfth Plan) under a Hub and Spoke model with the lead institution acting as the mentor while synergising and leveraging the potential of the institutes.
DIC is a platform for product or process innovations for students, faculty and citizens to give ideas that can be developed as products/processes. The mandate of DIC is also to act as an enabling centre/incubation centre for start-ups. Presently, there are 92 institutions that are involved in design and innovation; 20 institutions are Design Innovation Centres (DIC) Hubs and 70 institutions are Spokes. The DIC hubs include SPA-New Delhi, 10 IIT’s and 9 Central Government Universities. Apart from that there is 1 Open Design School (ODS) and 1 National Design Innovation Network (NDIN) linking the institutions.

  • Promote and enhance interdisciplinary design-focused innovation and creativity problem solving through design based education and projects in the complete value chain from process to product.
  • Promote knowledge sharing and collaboration amongst industry, academia, Government Institutions, research laboratories, etc. for entrepreneurship and marketing of products.
  • To promote increased interaction/collaboration with institutes/ organizations worldwide and to build a flagship programme in the areas of design and innovation.