Why Recruit SPAites?

Message from the Director, SPA D

The School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi (SPA D) is an apex premier educational institution imparting education at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels in architecture, planning and allied fields. It is an Institute of National Importance under an Act of Parliament, Ministry of Education, Government of India. The school has 12 departments of studies and has been in existence for over 75 years now.

SPA Delhi has a rich legacy of nurturing creative and innovative minds who have left their indelible mark on the architecture and planning world. Our institution has always stood at the forefront of architectural and planning education in India, consistently producing graduates who excel in their fields. Our rigorous academic programmes are designed to empower students with a strong foundation in architectural and planning principles, while also encouraging them to think critically, creatively, and sustainably. Our world-class faculty members bring abundant knowledge and experience to the classroom, while preparing the students to meet the challenges of the real world. The success stories of our alumni, both in India and abroad, is a proof of our collective efforts. Many of them have gone on to become renowned architects, planners, thinkers, and leaders in their respective fields.

As the Director of the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, I am pleased to extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to all potential employers and the bright minds of the architectural and planning world. I invite all recruiters to explore the talents of our students and witness the innovative solutions they can bring to your organizations. Your participation in our placement program is not just an opportunity to find exceptional talent but also a chance to contribute to the growth and development of the architectural and planning world.