Centre for Water Studies

Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Ashok Kumar

Year of Establishment : 2019

The Centre for Water Studies would act as a critical human resource for the nation. It would be built on the principles of quity and sustainability. The centre for Water Studies is needed to help create water and sanitation solutions for urban and rural areas in the country. It would produce state of the art research on water and sanitation with a particular focus on urban and rural settlements. It would give credible evidence based policy to central ans state governments. This Centre would contribute by enhancing capacity of those involved in integrated water resource management by making them sensitive to water security and sustainable development.


  • To promote applied, policy and fundamental research in the areas of water and sanitation studies and sustainable human settlement development.
  • To build & enhance capacity of professionals involved in areas of water and sanitation by conducting training programs, short term certificate courses.
  • To give credible evidence based policy advice central and state governments, industry and the third sector.
  • To engage with world class water researchers placed in global academic institutions and centres of excellence in order to create innovative sustainable water and sanitation solutions.
  • To establish and continually develop institutions-industry- interface promoting applied research and context specific water and sanitation solutions.
  • To act as a knowledge disseminator by making publications in the form of policy briefs, working papers, journals issues and books.
  • To conduct dialogues, seminars and conferences at national –global levels.
  • To promote technical education in the field of water and sanitation Studies based on new research produced in the Centre for Water Studies.
  • To offer scholarships and fellowships for the conduct of research on water and sanitation in India