Centre for Urban Biodiversity And Ecosystem Service

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sanjukkta Bhaduri

Year of Establishment: 2012

School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi has set on Centre on Urban Disaster Studies (CUDS). A one day workshop was organized on “Centre on Urban Disaster Studies” on 21st April, 2012 at Mangolia Hall, Indian Habitat Centre with very encouraging response from small quarters. The Centre will try to create a niche in the field of urban development through research, documentation, capacity building and dissemination of information.


  • Research covering areas of risk management, hazard and vulnerability reduction in urban settlements and their surrounding areas, mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in the planning of settlements.
  • Capacity Building in the area of disaster risk management for urban settlements.
  • Generation of a comprehensive Data Base (including maps) pertaining to disaster risks for metropolitan and mega cities that would include information on resources, vulnerable areas, vulnerable population etc.
  • Documentation of field studies and their findings, with respect to various issues pertaining to disasters in various case study cities.
  • Dissemination of Data base generated and finding of field studies done through a half yearly Journal and other publications.