Centre for road safety (CRS)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sewa Ram

Year of Establishment: 2018

The Department of Transport Planning at SPA Delhi is a pioneer in the field of traffic and engineering, transport planning and road safety amongst other specialised areas in the country. Over the years the Department has build adequate capacities, through in-house research to develop solutions to enhance road safety which has resulted in its faculty being regularly invited as resource persons at various capacity building initiatives organised in various parts of the country by the national, stage government besides NGO’s working in the areas of road safety. In view of the above it is imperative to set up a Centre for Road Safety (CRS) at SPA Delhi to supplement various efforts carried out in the country targeted towards promoting safe road operating environment in our country.


  • To carry out research relating to road accident causes, road design, accident prediction models and road safety audits in the context of urban and inter urban areas.
  • To develop database to support the development of codes, guidelines, standards and a manual for safe road designs, road safety policies and related planning approaches.
  • To conduct training programmes and short term courses for various stakeholders such as planners, engineers, traffic enforcement (police) officials, transport department officials, decision makers, schools and colleges.
  • To organise sensitisation workshops for improving road safety in the country.
  • To undertake institutional sponsored consultancy assignments in field of road safety.
  • To provide advisory inputs to urban local bodies and traffic police personnel in matters related to road safety.