About SPA New Delhi

The School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi (SPA New Delhi) is a Institution of National Importance imparting education in planning, architecture, and design. SPA New Delhi provides training at various levels, in different aspects of human habitat and environment. The School offers highly sought after academic programmes in specialised fields at a Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral level. The School, in striving for excellence has always been in the lead in extending education and research to new frontiers of knowledge. Human habitat and environment being the basic concern of the School, the spectrum of academic programmes is being continuously extended by providing programmes in new fields and emerging areas.

  • 2 Under-graduate Programmes
  • 11 Post-graduate Programmes
  • 30 Acres campus
  • 105 Full-time Faculty
  • 200+ Visiting Faculty
  • 450+ Hostel Seats
  • 1100+ Students and Scholars



The School of Planning Architecture Library maintains well-stocked libraries in both Planning and Architecture campuses. Together these libraries are arguably one of the richest storehouses of books/documents in the fields ofplanning and architecture in the entire Asian region. The library has been acting as a crucial resource center to meet the information needs of its users and is equipped with computer and electronic facilities to support teaching, learning and research activities of the School.Library has subscription to 81 print and e-journals and databases such as JSTOR with access to more than 2065 archived e-journals and India stat, the most comprehensive e-resource for accessing the secondary level socio economic statistical information about India and its 6 geographical regions, 31 states and 19 sectors . The other e-resources such as World e-Book Library, South Asia Archive and other research reference of the Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID), V-IDEO are also available online. For convenience of the users, off-campus remote access facility has been provided to access electronic resources from anywhere at anytime. Library Online Public Access Catalogues (OPAC) facility is available for browsing and searching the databases of books, thesis/dissertation reports, new additions and check-out by the users. The Web-OPAC is available on intranet and can be searched from anywhere within the School campus.

The members of the library has been provided single bar-coded card for borrowing books from the library. The Library is member of the Developing Library Network (DELNET). This has given the facility of access to union catalogue of 6839 member libraries and other online resources. It has also strengthened the Inter-Library Loan (ILL), Document Delivery Service (DDS) and resource sharing activities in meeting the requirement of users related to books, articles etc. Moreover, to update the members, Library brings out a monthly list of new addition, contents of current periodicals and relevant information from the newspaper dailies and is being made available electronically to the members. Photocopying services are provided to users of reference materials, articles, reports etc. The library is being headed by Mr. Narendra Singh Dhami, Library and Information Officer. Prof. Dr. Ranjana Mital is the Chairperson of the Library Advisory Committee.

Computer Centre

CASS plays an important role in Imparting IT services in academics and administrative work of the School functioning since 1986. It has been developed as the main State of Art CAD/ BIM and GIS Centre and communication Centre of the School. It is equipped with servers, workstations, scanner, printers etc. In addition, a number of tasks are performed by the Centre. Some of the important tasks include:

  • Facilitate technical support and assistance in conducting classes
  • Conduct training programmes in software application for faculty, students and staff.
  • Providing internet facility to all departments of Planning and Architecture Blocks and Girls hostel and Maharani Bagh campus including Girls and Boys hostel.
  • Maintaining School Website
  • Employee Attendance Management
  • Mail Management for faculty, staff and Employees and Staff.
  • Providing technical and maintenance support to all the Departments of Studies/Centres/ units in their day
  • to day functioning of computer related activities.
  • Server Management
  • Ensuring virus free environment in the School.
  • Providing technical support in admission to the UG/PG programmes.
  • Providing census related data to students for research.
  • Managing Social media account of the School.


Geographic Information System (GIS) Lab

The GIS Lab was established in July 1999 to provide facilities for conducting GIS classes for students belonging to different Department of Studies of the School. It conducts training programme from time to time for students and faculty members on

  • Arc GIS Desktop, Arc View 10.0 and Arc Info 10.0 Universal Lab Kits with extensions (spatial analyst, network analyst, 3D analyst).
  • ERDAS Imagine 2011 and Leica Photogrammetry Suite (LPS) 2011
  • Auto Desk 2019 Master Suite includes Raster Design, Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, Auto CAD Inventor Professional Suite, 3DS Max, Design, Maya.
  • CFP-Anti-plagiarism software in addition, the Centre has high end hardware equipment’s. Head-CASS is in charge of GIS Lab.


Materials Testing & Surveying Laboratory

As the part of the Academic activities at Under Graduate and Post Graduate levels of various Department of Studies, Material testing and Surveying Laboratory has been established in order to impart practical learning to Under Graduate and Post Graduate students in their relevant field. The Students of different Departments of Studies visit the Lab regularly as per their Academic Programme and for other research works. The intent of the lab is to make the students conversant with the behaviour of structural material like Bricks, Concrete, Timber, Steel, etc. under different loading conditions as well as to assess the Quality of a building unit, thus it caters the need of research/ consultancy.

The laboratory is equipped with both Destructive/Non-destructive test equipment’s like, Universal Testing machine (UTM 400 kN Capacity, GDR make), Compression Testing Machine (CTM 2000 kN Capacity, GDR make). Both the Machines are interfaced with Computer. Similarly, Non-destructive test equipment’s like Digital Ultrasonic Concrete Tester (UPV), Rebound Hammer are available in the Lab. Double acting Hydraulic Jacks for pre-stressing is available in the Lab.

Surveying Laboratory is equipped with latest modern equipment like Electronic Total Station apart from other conventional equipment. Concrete Mixer, Vibrating Table, Needle Vibrator and Cement Mortar Vibrator etc. for mixing & compaction of cement/ concrete are available in the Lab. A number of C.I. moulds like Cubes, Cylinders, Beams, etc. are available for the Students. These moulds are used for casting of concrete by the students with different mix proportions and with different admixtures. The same are tested in Compression Testing Machine (CTM) or Universal Testing machine (UTM) after curing for certain standard period in curing tanks available in Lab.

Other testing equipment’s for carrying out test of Cement/Concrete like, slump test for workability of concrete, compaction factor test, Vicat Apparatus for Consistency /setting time of cement, etc. to study the physical properties of Cement/Concrete are available in the lab. Also Structural models are being prepared by the students and tested under different loading conditions. The procurement of other and latest equipment like loading frame, LVDT, Load Cell, Data Logger, Rebar Locator etc. are under process. The lab is being upgraded from time in order to introduce the Instruments based upon the latest technology.


Conservation Materials Laboratory (CML)

Conservation Materials Laboratory or CML was established recently to provide scientific training in testing ancient artefacts and materials. The CML is equipped to carry out both physical examination under magnification, and chemical analysis for determining composition and characteristics of material mortals, etc. Visiting scientists associated with the ASI conduct regular courses for students of Architectural Conservation using this laboratory as a resource.


The Material Workshop at SPA provides a range of training and maintenance services to the SPA students. The students are trained in basic carpentry and metal work and have access to workshop facilities for making architectural models.

The workshop is fully equipped for all categories of carpentry, machine tooling and so on. Major responsibility for routine repairs and maintenance of various campus buildings also rests with the workshop. The Head of the Department of Industrial Design looks after the Workshop.


The Sports Cell of the school organises the annual sports meet ’ATHLOS’ for the students and the annual sports meet of the staff members of the school. The Sports Cell coordinates participation of student’s teams in various, national and inter-SPA sports meet.

The Sports Cell has been organising International Yoga Day on 21st June every year. Coaching in various government run coaching schemes at different sports complexes across the Delhi NCR is facilitated by the School. The School offers sports facilities for basketball, badminton, volleyball, garden gym, table tennis and billiards. The Sports Cell has also been encouraging informal sports activities such as cycling city tours inter–class matches of improvised cricket. School aims to provide a wholesome sports opportunity that contributes significantly to the personality development of the students.

Chairman Sports Cell

Prof. Dr. Mayank Mathur

Dean (Student Affairs)


Dr. Shuvojit Sarkar

Assistant Professor

Department of Architecture

Student Advisors

Prof. Dr. Mayank Mathur

Dean (SA)

Dr. Nilanjana Dasgupta Sur

Student Advisor PG

Dr. Shuvojit Sarkar

Student Advisor UG (Architecture)

Piyoosh Singh

Student Advisor UG (Planning)


The School has VERY LIMITED HOSTEL ACCOMMODATION, which is offered only to outstation students based on the availability of seats and in accordance with hostel rules framed by the School from time to time.

  • Many outstation students may not get hostel accommodation and will have to make their own arrangements for stay outside the School campus.
  • There are many student accommodation providers in the city of Delhi and parents/ students are encouraged to explore these and use the same.
MB Hostel Courtyard
MB Hostel
MB Hostel Dance
MB Hostel
MB Hostel
MB Campus
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The School has two canteens one in the Architecture Building and one in the Planning Building. Equipped with clean and hygienic kitchens the canteens serve hot and cold drinks, snacks and vegetarian meals to the students and staff of the School. Recognizing the needs of a fraternity which hails from all parts of the country, the canteens serve regional specialities as well. During summer fresh fruit and fruit juices are part of the menu to ensure healthy eating. Other than cooked food the canteens have a good stock of packed foods and drinks as well. The canteen also caters to specific events like student festivals, conferences, workshops and juries.

Stationery and Printing

The School has two commercial outlets one in the Architecture Building and one in the Planning Building which sells stationery items and also undertakes all necessary printing works for student submissions. Students of the School work 24x7. Recognizing this, there is a third outlet in the Maharani Bagh residential complex which is open during the night hours to meet student demands.

Stationery needs of students of architecture and design are niche items, often not readily available in general stationery shops. Thus, its presence in the three campuses ensures that students need are met on a day-to-day basis. First year undergraduate students are the biggest beneficiaries as the shops meets the immediate needs of students who are yet to become familiar with the city.

The print shops undertake printing of all student drawings and reports of the 12 academic departments of the School. Good quality printing including color printing is available at a cometitive price. As the shops have internet connectivity students can send their work via email and are able to collect the printed material in a timely manner.

AV Unit

The Audio Visual Unit provides audio and visual services like still photo shoots, video filming etc. for covering various academic activities of Departments of Studies of the school such as special lecture talks, jury examinations, digital slides preparation etc. In addition, it also provides necessary technical support service for school events such as Annual Convocation, Foundation Day, student events, workshops, seminars, conferences etc. held from time to time. It is also involved in providing support input for school publications such as the school’s annual prospectus, journals, newsletters etc. Head-CASS is in charge of A.V. Unit.

Documentation and Publications Unit

Dr. Bharati Vats
DPU (In-charge)

Documentation cum-Publication Unit (DPU) of the School is entrusted with the task of supporting the functions relating to knowledge sharing through documentation and dissemination of the outcomes of research and development activities undertaken by the School with stakeholders. It supports the activities related to proof reading, translation and typing of School Publications, communicating with printers and other stakeholders, disposing of RTIs in respect of DPU and related matters, and any other work assigned from time to time.

The DPU makes printing arrangements and its related services for all the publications of the School after the recommendation and approval of the Competent Authority such as, Annual Report, SPA Newsletter, Seminar Series, Convocation Booklets, Students' Handbook, Prospectus, Visiting Cards, special publications, etc. from time to time. In addition to the above items the DPU also prints stationary items for Examination Section and Store, Purchase and Maintenance Section, Accounts and Budget Section, etc. the DPU brought out following publications/printing : -

  • Printing related work of Annual Report English and Hindi.
  • Printing related work of Convocation.
  • Office and Examination stationary (letterheads, Visiting Cards and I.D. Cards)
  • Book printing and publication work as per requirement time to time.