Research Centres

The faculty of the School is continuously engaged in various research projects. These projects provide a field opportunity to explore new areas and develop fresh insights. They also provide the students a chance to work closely with the faculty and hone their skills in the fields of planning, architecture and design. 

SPA Delhi promotes research for the advancement of knowledge and exchange of ideas with organizations in India and abroad, eventually expanding research areas in the field of human settlements. Research enables the faculty and students with the skill of scholarly enquiry and investigation that encompasses collation, updation, interpretation of information and dissemination/communication of research findings. Research at SPA Delhi can be categorised as Doctoral Research in each of the academic department and sponsored research related to Architecture, Planning, Design, Management and Allied disciplines. In SPA, Delhi, sponsored research encompasses varied themes i.e. Building Engineering, Built Environment, City and Regional Planning, Governance, Heritage Conservation, Transportation Planning, Infrastructure Planning, Sustainable Development and Urban Informality. Apart from the above mentioned research initiatives, there are ten research centres spanning across various aspects related to Environment, Infrastructure, Disaster Management, Climate, Design Innovation, Real Estate, Urban Design, Transportation etc. These research works use various tools, techniques and methods to arrive at fresh and innovative outcomes. People are at the centre of these research works and household surveys, focus group discussions and stakeholder meetings are often used for rich empirical outcomes.