Centre for urban Freight studies (CUFS)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Year of Establishment: 2018

The Department of Urban Planning at SPA Delhi offers one of its kind course on Logistics and Urban Freight in its third semester post graduate programme beside conducting studio and thesis research activities in urban freight logistics. The Department has made significant contribution in formulation of guidelines for urban freight transport. It may be worthwhile to mention that SPA Delhi has recently been recognised as an Associate Research Centre (ARC) of the Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Urban Freight Systems (COE-SUFS), USA and thus would be able to significantly contribute towards meeting targeted activities of COE-SUFS through Centre for Urban Freight Studies (CUFS).


  • To carry out cutting edge research in the field of urban freight logistics, establish research network and disseminate research findings at workshops and through publications.
  • To conduct training and capacity building programmes for urban local bodies and other stakeholders in the field of urban freight logistics in the country.
  • To develop the centre as a knowledge hub in the field of urban freight logistics for informed policy decision making in the country.
  • To undertake sponsored consultancy assignments for various stakeholders in the field of urban freight logistics and provide opportunities for students to work on live projects.
  • To collaborate with city authorities in promoting sustainable city logistics practices in country and provide advisory inputs for developing urban freight policies.
  • To facilitate Transport Planning Department students access to various research and jib opportunities in urban freight.