About SPA New Delhi



Prof. Dr. Virendra Kumar Paul

Greetings from SPA New Delhi
The School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, declared as an Institute of National Importance in 2014 provides a unique education experience. Located in the capital of India, the School provides students a rich exposure to current trends as well as an opportunity to meet leaders in different disciplines. Its rich legacy in nation-building efforts since independence is well recognised. Graduates from this institute have shaped the built environment in India and are recognised as leaders in the field of planning and architecture. The institute works closely with industry and policymakers through research and consultancy projects, thus keeping a strong connection between theory and practice. Lateral thinking tempered with field-based learning fosters an attitude of creative problem-solving. In addition to the above, the diverse student community creates an environment of tolerance, a celebration of difference, and critical reasoning. Student life at the SPA provides holistic learning and develops an ability to perform under pressure and achieve your goals.

This admission booklet provides a glimpse of academic and social life at SPA. We hope that you make a choice to study at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. Wishing you all the best in your endeavours.


Prof. Dr. Meenakshi Dhote

Dean (Academic)

SPA New Delhi, aims at building strong, connections between theory and practice. Learning by doing is our long cherished tradition and equips our students to think divergently and convergently. Our academic programmes prepare students for the outside world of action under uncertain circumstances. Building deep intellectual understanding about the subjects of planning, architecture and design remains our most cherished goal.

In addition to academics, the campus life at SPA offers large range of co-curriculum activities. Students from all parts of country live together, celebrate festivals as well as develop their interest in areas like music, photography, theater, etc. Since its existence, SPA New Delhi graduates have richly contributed to the nation building efforts by shaping the built environment. Planners, architects and designers who graduated from SPA New Delhi have successfully become national and global leaders. We are proud to say that SPA New Delhi has been produce leaders in the field of planning and architecture for more than 6 (six) decades.

Admission to SPA New Delhi provides new students an opportunity of learning in a great institution of higher studies. We look forward to your joining the School and hope to become part of your learning experience at SPA New Delhi.