Department of Building Engineering and Management

Building Engineering and Management is concerned with engineering and construction management aspects of building and related infrastructure projects. The course aims at training competent professionals who can deal with complex construction projects by coordinating with various Domain specialists from the concept formation through to design, development and construction stages. The course enables the students to acquire skills and academic abilities at a higher level in the field of architecture, engineering and project management. The curriculum is up to date to ensure that it is synchronized with current and foreseeable needs of the industry. The students are sensitized towards latest trends, methodologies and technologies practiced around the world, which have direct application for Indian Construction Industry.

The thrust of the course is on imparting knowledge of project management so that projects are completed within the parameters of stipulated time, cost and quality. The academic exposure considers performance in a state-of-art technologically advanced projects situations as well as multi-cultural work environments. The focus of project management is specifically on design management and construction planning, control and monitoring. This is done by disseminating techniques of management such as network analysis, operational research, financial and cost management, contract management, resource management, quality management system, building and structural systems, building science, specialized services and computer applications. The course is pursued through participatory method and field exposure of live projects apart from lectures.

The course enables young architects and engineers to take up challenging managerial positions in the industry. The graduates of this course are taken up for key responsibilities in some of the leading companies.