Department of Industrial Design

The two-year Master of Design (Industrial Design), recognizes the purview of Industrial Design in today’s everchanging world, by giving students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in fields ranging from product design to user experience to service-system design.

The evolution of this profession is rooted in the industrial revolution where industrially manufactured products began to be viewed as artistic objects with utilitarian values. In an age of rapid social, technological, and cultural transformation, our training encompasses creative and practical concerns, simultaneously involving local and global issues. Today, our virtual existence plays an important role in our behavior and life in the real world. Bringing these two together creatively, along with rapidly evolving tech models like Artificial Intelligence, the students learn the skills to understand and produce innovative design solutions.

The primary aim of the program is to foster a wholesome design experience through an interdisciplinary process of teaching and training. Theoretical, technological, and managerial inputs, which are taught through various courses, seminars and workshops are all directed toward this central goal. The determination to take an interpretation of culture and to use design as a tool for cultural enrichment is the focal point of the program.

Academic exposure while concerning itself with broad phenomena such as sustainability among others is at the same time highly relevant to issues dealing with technology, manufacturing, and marketing aspects of the industrial world of today. The program maintains close links with the industry, both to keep in touch with the latest developments in industrial processes and to ensure that the course remains relevant and comprehensive. Intellectual Property is of prime value in this program and students’ projects and often recognized and taken up further as research projects. The Department has applied for several IPs in the past few years and aims to make innovation and entrepreneurship a driving force for our students.

The contribution of a well-trained Industrial Designer is well understood in the professional world today. Career opportunities for students passing out of this program are hence wide and varied. Job opportunities include working for the industry, with large MNCs, with Design Firms, setting up independent practices, start-ups and as design entrepreneurs.