Department of Transport Planning

Transport is widely acknowledged as one of the most critical elements that contribute to quality of life in urban areas. In context of massive urbanization in the country, planning for transport infrastructure has assumed great significant over the years, requiring specialized skills for planning, designing, and management of regional and urban transport systems. The Department offers a two-year Master’s Degree course in Planning with specialization in Transport Planning, one of its only kind in the country.

This degree programme, with five decades of history, is designed to prepare the students in the skills of analysing transport problems and identifying solutions at regional and urban levels. The programme focuses on development of analytical tools and techniques supported by theoretical concepts in the core areas of Urban Transport Planning, Public Transport Planning, Traffic Engineering, Highway Planning and Design, Transport Economics, Logistics and Urban freight, Road Safety and Environment, Intelligent Transport System and Transport Policy & Institutional framework. The programme also emphasizes development of computational skills in the use of latest software applications in the field of transport planning and traffic engineering & design by working on live case studies with empirical data.

The Department has a highly experienced and motivated faculty possessing diverse areas of specialisation who impart knowledge and professional skills to the students. The department has a ‘Centre for Road Safety’ and the faculty has been associated with capacity building and research in the area of road safety.

Some of the recent projects undertaken in the department are on Comprehensive Mobility Plan preparation on behalf of DDA, GMDA etc. besides NCRTC. In addition, it is also involved on collaborative sponsored research projects with Institute of Transport Economics-Norway, ITS, Leeds University etc. The Department has also been recognised as one of Associate Research Centre for VREF Centre of Excellence of Sustainable Urban Freight System global network comprising Rensselaer, University of Gothenburg, University of Westminster, Kyoto University, TNO-Delft University, University of Melbourne etc.

The academic programme of the department enables the students to meet the professional needs of fast growing consultancy firms, town planning organizations, development authorities, transport system operating agencies, research institutions, universities, etc.