Placement Brochures

1Architecture Department Placement Brochure 2023-24Architecture Department Placement Brochure 2023-24.pdf
( Format:pdf, Size::6.67 MB, Language: English )
2Bachelor of planning (B. Plan) Placement BrochureBachelor of planning (B. Plan) Placement Brochure.pdf
( Format:pdf, Size::4.93 MB, Language: English )
3Building Engineering and Management Placement Brochure 2022-24Building Engineering and Management_Placement Brochure 2022-24.pdf
( Format:pdf, Size::12.3 MB, Language: English )
4Housing Placement Brochure 2022-24Housing_Placement Brochure_2022-24.pdf
( Format:pdf, Size::46.3 MB, Language: English )
5Industrial Design Placement Brochure 2022-24ID_Placement Brochure_2022-24.pdf
( Format:pdf, Size::18.8 MB, Language: English )
6Integrated B.Planning M.Planning BrochurePG_Int_BPlan_MPlan_Brochure.pdf
( Format:pdf, Size::9.38 MB, Language: English )
7Architectural Conservation Placement Brochure 2022-24Placement Brochure_AC 2022-24.pdf
( Format:pdf, Size::30.6 MB, Language: English )
8Urban Planning Placement Brochure 2023Placement Brochure-Urban Planning 2023.pdf
( Format:pdf, Size::28.8 MB, Language: English )
9Urban Design Placement BrochureUrban Design Placement Brochure.pdf
( Format:pdf, Size::14.9 MB, Language: English )
10Regional Planning Placement Brochure 2024Regional Planning Placement Brochure 2024.pdf
( Format:pdf, Size::46.4 MB, Language: English )
11Transport  Planning Placement Brochure 2023-24Transport Planning Placement Brochure 2023-24.pdf
( Format:pdf, Size::31.5 MB, Language: English )
12Environmental Planning Brochure 2022-24Environmental Planning Brochure 2022_24.pdf
( Format:pdf, Size::24.2 MB, Language: English )