Stationery and Printing

The School has two commercial outlets one in the Architecture Building and one in the Planning Building which sells stationery items and also undertakes all necessary printing works for student submissions. Students of the School work 24x7. Recognizing this, there is a third outlet in the Maharani Bagh residential complex which is open during the night hours to meet student demands.

Stationery needs of students of architecture and design are niche items, often not readily available in general stationery shops. Thus, its presence in the three campuses ensures that students need are met on a day-to-day basis. First year undergraduate students are the biggest beneficiaries as the shops meets the immediate needs of students who are yet to become familiar with the city.

The print shops undertake printing of all student drawings and reports of the 12 academic departments of the School. Good quality printing including color printing is available at a cometitive price. As the shops have internet connectivity students can send their work via email and are able to collect the printed material in a timely manner.